COVID-19 update: I will be open for in person treatment with reduced hours. I am not taking new patients or doing online bookings at this time. For existing patients who would like to do telehealth (video physio) please email me so I can book an appointment for you. For those wanting/needing a hands on appointment, please email me. Things will look very different when you come and you will be required to take steps to ensure our safety. You will receive all the detailed instructions in your confirmation email. For more on how I intend to keep us safe please read my safety guidelines here.


Welcome to a whole new way to approach your health.

I’m here to provide a healing environment for all. I commit to supporting your healing process, respecting the interplay of the whole person in your healing and well being.





What we offer our patients...

Manual therapy
Exercise prescription
Cranio-sacral therapy
Visceral manipulation
Neural manipulation
Active release therapy
Gait analysis


Unique Help for your Situation

My desire to make a real difference in peoples’ health led me to a hands on approach. After treating complicated injuries with only modest improvement I began to get trained in another form of hands on treatment. Thus, I am now trained in cranio-sacral therapy, visceral and neural manipulation with an osteopathic approach.

Online Booking

Please note that 30 minute appointments are no longer available. Until further notice, I will not be opening my online schedule at the previous 2-3 month interval. I will be making appointments manually during your scheduled appointment time. If you are a potential new patient, please email me to see if I have space for new patients at this time. If you are a previous patient with no upcoming appointments please email me to set up an appointment.

If you are booking an appointment for an infant, please book an appointment as soon as the schedule allows and email me at to arrange for the earliest possible appointment. If you are a new patient, please book a 30 or 45 minute (if you have a complicated condition) appointment and followup appointments every 2-4 weeks.


New Patient
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For NM/VM study groups for practitioners

I am a teachers assistant for the Barral Institute in the Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation and Pediatric curriculums. I will now be holding study groups for the Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation work. They will be held on a Sunday afternoon from 1-5 and will roughly cover one day's worth of course material. We will focus on refining the palpation touch, refining the skills of the actual technique and we will have opportunity to discuss clinical relevance for the structure treated. My goal is that it will be a learning experience for both the beginner as well as the experienced. Please register online for the group appointment with the study group topic you'd like to register for. The idea is that all the NM1 study groups would flow into each other and the best experience would be to commit to the whole series, but I also understand that things happen. There is a maximum of 12 per study group and if there are not enough people registered a week before the scheduled study group it will be postponed.